Review and Homework

You are required to review the alternating current (chapter 7 of the textbook) and do the first homework. Please go to Homework tab for more information


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You will need an ID and PW to access the videos

Username: lesson_access

Password: electric2.eclectic



Lectures during Instructor Travel

When I travel, you will be able to view my recorded lectures here


Lab Groups

Students may choose their own lab team members.  You may have a maximum of three people per group.  Submit names and student ID numbers to your TA by April 15.  Students who do not chose a group by this date will be assigned to a lab group.

EEIC and Grainger Scholarships

To download the application form or to file for the scholarship, please click here




Professor Mohamed A. El-Sharkawi

EE 351: Introduction to the Wonderful World of Energy