Your assignment is to design and build an electric drive system for an electric vehicle consisting of an electric motor, power electronic converter and control circuits.

A. Minimum Specifications of the Project

Direction of rotation:

1. The system is bi-directional

Starting Specifications:

2. The motor should start by pressing on an accelerator pedal (or variable potentiometer)

3. The maximum starting current at full load should not exceed twice the rated current

4. At maximum thrust, the motor should reach the rated speed in less than 3 seconds

5. The ramping of the speed should be smooth

Speed Control:

6. The speed of the motor can change according to userís command

7. User can regulate the speed

8. Speed regulation should be smooth

9. Motor should be able to run at low speeds without jerking


10. Implement dynamic and counter current braking

11. The braking current should be limited to 3 times the rated current

12. The starting-braking can be rapidly repeated without any damage

B. Minimum Cost Analysis of the Project

Assume that you are forming your startup company to manufacture and market your system. Assume that your market potential is limited to 10,000 units/annually. Estimate the following:

* Cost of parts from competitive vendors

* Cost of system development (engineering time and lab equipment)

* Cost of system Manufacturing (equipment, quality control, safety certifications, etc.)

* Cost of Manpower (engineers, technicians, marketing and support staff)

* Cost of facilities (rental, utilities, etc)

* Ancillary coats such as fire insurance, employee medical insurance, legal retention, etc.

* Cost of advertisements and marketing

* Federal and state taxes

Estimate the sale price of your system to ensure profitability after 3 years. Show your annual profit (deficit) curve for the first 10 years.

Find the market price of similar systems; compare their prices to yours. If your system is not competitive, what ideas can you implement to make your system competitive?

C. Commercial Brochure

Develop an eye catching commercial brochure that best describes and promotes your system. The brochure should state the merits of your system as well as its technical specifications.

You will have to promote your system in conferences and technical conventions. Develop animated power point presentation of your system. Donít use just boring text slides.


Click on the links below for data sheets of the energy lab motor:

Motor data sheet

Spec Sheet

User Guide

Hall Effect Sensor




Design Project

EE453: Electric Drives