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Read the renewable energy report from the DOE and summarize the main findings in two pages. The link to the report is http://www1.eere.energy.gov/windandhydro/pdfs/41869.pdf



Click here to download the wind data (10 minute interval)

 Plot the frequency vs. wind speed

 Compute the average and standard deviation of wind speed

 Fit a Wiebull pdf function to the wind speed data

 Fit a Rayleigh pdf function to the wind speed data

 Compare the two function



Click here to download HW3



Write a matlab program that simulates the dynamic model of wind energy induction generator. Plot the currents, speed and torque of the induction generator



L11=10 mH; L12=9.8 mH; L22=10 mH; r1=1.2 mOhm; r2=1.3 mOhm

Inertia constant J=6*10^6 kg m^2;

Operating conditions

f=60 Hz; output power =-2 MW; pf=0.7 lagging; Terminal voltage v=690 V;

Injected voltage v=-100 V;


Torque change =2000 Nm;

Assume that the system damping is zero and 10 respectively.





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Renewable Energy