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Spring 2017

EE 233   Circuit Theory Linda Bushnell
EE 271   Digital Circuits and Systems
EE 299   Introduction to C and Microprocessors Jim Peckol
EE 331   Devices and Circuits I Anant Anantram
EE 443   Design and Application of Digital Signal Processors Jenq-Neng Hwang
EE 456   Computer-Aided Design In Power Systems Rich Christie
EE 461   Introduction to Computer-Communication Networks Sumit Roy
EE 474   Introduction to Embedded Systems
EE 491   Research Colloquium Matt Reynolds
EE 500C   Research Colloquium Matt Reynolds
EE 503   Modeling of MEMS Alex Mamishev
EE 542 (PMP)   Advanced Embedded Systems Design Jim Peckol
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