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About Old Class Pages

Where are the old class pages?

It has been the general consensus of the UWEE Faculty that class pages should be made inaccessible after the end of the quarter for which they were used. Because of this, all class pages are now removed at the end of each quarter.

Are there exceptions to this policy?

Of course. Some class materials are kept generally available after the end of the quarter for a length of time, or indefinitely. It is up to the faculty member who taught the course.

But I used to be able to get at several old class pages!

The policy of removing old class pages has been in place since the start of the 2001-2002 school year, and has been systematically enforced since Spring quarter 2002.

What if I really need access to those materials?

Decisions regarding access and availability are made by the faculty, not the webmaster. Old class materials can be made accessible to specific individuals or to the world at large at the discression of the faculty member who taught the course in question.

As a general rule, faculty members always have access to all class page archives; and current-quarter TAs are granted access when the webmaster sets up their class space. Other individuals who want access must talk to the relevant faculty member(s), who then can contact the webmaster regarding the desired changes in access.

You should also note that on occasion specific class pages are set up on a machine other than the EE Web server. In those instances we have no control over access or availability, of course!

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