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Instructor: Linda Bushnell

Office Hours: by appointment
Telephone: 206-221-6717

Colloquium Questions:
May Lim


In order to broaden your exposure to electrical engineering research, all PMP students are required to take a minimum of 5 Seminar credits (maximum of 9), graded on a Credit/No-Credit basis (no numeric grade is needed or given), as part of the 45 required MSEE credits. This seminar does not meet in person; rather, students complete seminar requirements over the course of the quarter by submitting either 4 (for EE 500) or 8 (for EE 400) paper reviews. The only difference between EE 400 and EE 500 is the number of paper reviews required throughout the quarter, and thus the number of credits earned: 2 credits for EE 400, and 1 credit for EE 500. While not expected or common, students are permitted to take both EE 400 and EE 500 simultaneously during one academic quarter for a total of 12 (8+4) completed paper reviews by the quarter’s deadline. Students who successfully complete both seminars during a given quarter will earn a total of 3 credits (1 credit for EE 500 + 2 credits for EE 400). 


Students are required to write 4 (for EE 500) or 8 (for EE 400) short paper or colloquia reviews, and submit all reviews by the last Monday of the quarter. Paper reviews are to be based on current or previous EE colloquia or IEEE articles (as specified below). Each of your 4 (for EE 500) or 8 (for EE 400) reviews must be a minimum of 400 words and should, for your guidance, answer the following questions:

1. What are the main technical contributions of the paper/talk?
2. What are possible applications of the work?
3. What are possible future extensions of the work?
4. Why did you choose this paper/talk? Explain your interest in this topic and how this paper furthered your knowledge of the topic.
5. Your name, date of your paper review, and scholarly citation:

  • For paper: Author(s), paper title, journal or conference proceeding, date, and page numbers
  • For colloquium: Speaker, title, and date of talk

Please do not include these instructions in the body of your paper.

If you choose to review a Colloquium Seminar:
The Colloquium seminar presentations are available to PMP students as recorded videos of the weekly EE Colloquium series. The recordings are available from either our colloquium page or our YouTube channel:

Colloquium page -
UWEE’s YouTube channel -

Please note that it can take several days after a seminar presentation for the video recordings to be posted. Speakers are both internal and external to UWEE and UW, and cover a variety of topics of interest to electrical engineers in all areas.

Quarterly Colloquium Recordings
Archive of past EE Colloquium Recordings

If you choose to review an IEEE Xplore® article:
Research review papers can be chosen from any modern electrical engineering area. You can search for relevant articles/papers by going to IEEE Xplore®, where all papers are available for free once you are officially registered at the University of Washington and have your UW NetID. To access IEEE Xplore® from off-campus, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter "IEEE Xplore" in the search bar, which will take you to the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library.
  3. Search within the “Journals and Magazines” section on the bottom left. Please choose an article with significant technical content - 4 pages or longer.

For example, if you are looking for some modern tutorial articles, you can refine your search within IEEE Xplore® by selecting a Publication Year of 2011-2013 and entering, for example, one of the following magazines in the “Search By Keyword” box:

  • IEEE Circuits and Devices Magazine
  • IEEE Communications Magazine
  • IEEE Control Systems Magazine
  • IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Magazine
  • IEEE Power and Energy Magazine
  • IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine
  • IEEE Signal Processing Magazine


All students registered for EE 400 or 500 will have access to Canvas, which will be used to upload paper submissions. Submissions can be uploaded at any time throughout the quarter, by the posted deadline. Please log-in to Canvas for more information:

Due dates for the 2016-2017 academic year are as follows:

Autumn 2016: Monday 12/5
Winter 2017: Monday 3/6
Spring 2017: Tuesday 5/30

Late reviews will not be accepted and will result in a “no credit.”  We strongly suggest that you do not wait until the end of the quarter to do your required 4 (for EE 500) or 8 (for EE 400) paper reviews, all of which are due by the published deadlines above. Early review submissions, for some or all of your required 4 (for EE 500) or 8 (for EE 400) are certainly acceptable.


For each of your 4 (for EE 500) or 8 (for EE 400) reviews, students will be graded on the following:

  • Whether the 400 word minimum was met.
  • Whether students made an attempt to answer the questions referenced above.
  • Academic Honesty, as per the statement below on “ACADEMIC MISCONDUCT & PLAGIARISM.”

 If you satisfy these requirements, you will receive 2 credits for EE 400 and/or 1 credit for EE 500.


Papers should be original work. Copying (or plagiarizing) published text, without giving due recognition, or work from other students, is unacceptable. If you have any questions as to what constitutes cheating or plagiarism, please refer to the COE Academic Misconduct Policy.


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